Top Tech Trends of 2024

The technology space is ever-changing, requiring a commitment to stay on top of current trends. Luckily for you, the team at Pothos Technologies has put together a list of predictions for top tech trends of 2024. From insights on AI to insights on sustainability, we’ve got you covered.

1. Artificial Intelligence will still be king, but with a new emphasis on human management:

In recent years, the whole world has witnessed the rise of AI as a technology for businesses. With ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Microsoft Copilot, and more emerging as leaders in the Artificial Intelligence space, many companies have jumped to integrate these technologies. However, in doing so hastily, many companies have misused and misunderstood best practices for these technologies. We predict that as we move into 2024, businesses will invest time and money into training for best practices when dealing with AI tools. AI will still be incorporated but with a renewed focus on human management.

2. Heightened focus on mobile development:

Mobile traffic accounts for a little over half of web traffic worldwide (Statista). And yet, many companies are not putting much thought into how their website appears on mobile. Given the increase in mobile demand, our prediction is that there will be a heightened focus on user experience within mobile websites. To do this, companies will be looking for full stack development services and offshore web development services. Utilizing these resources will enable companies to stay agile and competitive in this technological landscape.

3. Integration of video into web pages:

With the rise of TikTok and Instagram reels, more and more people are focusing on short-form videos as a way to remain engaged. According to WebFX, users stay on pages with video content almost 3 times as long as they stay on pages without video content. To support the implementation of video integration, companies will need to allocate additional resources. These allocations will likely come in the form of a software development contractor for many companies.

4. Integration of Information Technology and Security Teams:

Cyber security is of utmost importance for businesses in this new age of technological transformation. As cyber threats continue to advance in complexity, the need for a seamless partnership between IT and security teams is more pressing than ever. This integration not only streamlines communication and response efforts but also fortifies organizations against potential vulnerabilities. In the coming year, we predict a heightened emphasis on cross-functional training, fostering a shared understanding of both IT operations and security protocols.

5. Sustainability in technology will be increasingly important:

In 2024, the technology landscape is poised for a transformative shift towards sustainability. Consumers and businesses alike are demanding lowered carbon footprints. In a world grappling with environmental challenges, technology plays a pivotal role in driving positive change. The recent study by Cornell and Microsoft underscores the impact of remote work on sustainability, revealing that remote workers can potentially contribute to a 54% lower carbon footprint compared to their onsite counterparts. Offshore software development and remote employment opportunities offer ways for companies to stay with the curve in sustainability. 

In conclusion, the realm of technology is ever-changing. To stay on top of tech trends, companies can start small, and use their resources to stay agile. For more insights on the tech talent, continue to check our blog!

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